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Responsible party in compliance with §6 of the German Interstate Media Services Agreement and the Press Law:


das BIO HOTEL am Edersee
Annegret Backhaus-Rischard
Ziegenberg 1
D- 34513 Waldeck am Edersee

phone: +49 (0) 5623 9990
e-mail: infono@sonicht.belvedere-edersee.de
website: www.belvedere-edersee.de

VAT no.: 027 361 00016

Disclaimer of warranty

1. Content
The author assumes no warranty for the up-to-dateness, correctness, completeness or quality of the provided information. Liability claims against the author regarding material or non-material loss or damage caused by using or not using the presented information or through the use of incorrect or incomplete information are therefore rejected, provided that there is no evidence of intended or grossly negligent fault on the part of the author. All offers are without obligation and not binding.
The author expressly reserves the right to modify, amend, or delete parts of or the complete publication without separate announcement or to discontinue the publication temporarily or entirely.

2. References and Links

In case of direct or indirect references to external web pages ("links") which are outside the author's field of responsibility, an obligation for liability would only come into effect, if the author had knowledge of the content and if it was technically possible and reasonable for him to prevent the use of illegal contents. The author herewith explicitly states, that at that time a link was set no illegal content was identifiable on the linked page. Furthermore, that the author has no influence on the present or future design, content or copyright of the linked pages. Therefore he expressly dissociates from any content of all the linked and associated pages which have been changed after the links were set. This declaration applies to all links and references provided in his own web presentation as well as for contributions from third party users in guest books, discussion forums, link lists, mailing lists, and any types of data bases with third party write access provided by the author.
For illegal, incorrect, or incomplete content and in particular for damage which occur from using or not using the presented information, solely the author of the linked page is liable and not the one, who only linked to the respective publication.

3. Copyright and official trademark
In all publications the author aims to observe the copyrights of all used illustrations, sound documents, video sequences and text information, as well as to use his own illustrations, sound documents, video sequences and text information or to revert to public domain illustrations, sound documents, video sequences and text information. All brands and trademarks mentioned in the web presentation and if applicable, protected by third parties are without restriction subject to the conditions of the respective trademark law and the rights of ownership of the respective registered proprietary. If trademarks are simply mentioned, one cannot draw a conclusion that trademarks are not protected by rights of third parties. The copyright for published objects compiled by the author himself remains exclusively with the author of the pages. Copying or using such illustrations, sound documents, video sequences and text information in other electronic or printed publications is not permitted without the author's explicit agreement.

4. Data protection
Personal data such as name, address, phone number or e-mail, that we collect and manage for our web activities in all countries where we provide websites, are used in compliance with the national data protection and data security law. You decide if you want to provide us with your personal data within a request or a similar query. Your data are generally sent to the e-mail address provided and are not saved. We only use your personal data to answer your requests, to process your orders or to provide you with special information or offers.
To maintain customer relations it can be also necessary:
- that we save and process your personal data
- that we (or third parties for us) use these data to inform you about our offers.
You can request at any time per e-mail to change, cancel or lock the saved data. Personal profiles with or without personal references are not generated. Of course we do understand if you decide not to provide us with your personal information to support customer relations. We do not sell your personal data to third parties nor market them for other purposes. When you access our website, general information for web statistics are collected. These data cannot be attributed though to a specific person (e.g. IP address, internet browser and operating system, domain name of the website you came from; number of visits, average visit duration, visited pages). The data evaluation is only performed in an anonymous way. Cookies and active contents are not in use. We use these data to collect information about the attractiveness of our website and to improve its content. Precautionary measures are taken in order to guarantee the security of your personal data. Your data are conscientiously protected from loss, destruction, falsification, manipulation, unauthorized access and unauthorized publication. Our websites contain links to other websites. We are not responsible for the data protection strategies or the content of the other websites.

5. Legal validity of this disclaimer

This disclaimer must be regarded as part of the web presentation, which refers to this page. If parts or individual formulations of this text should not, no longer or not fully apply to the present legislation, all other parts of the document will remain unaffected in terms of content and validity.