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Facial treatments

“Classical facial treatment” (01)

An individual facial, neck and décolleté treatment according to your own skin type. It includes: cleaning, deep cleansing, eyebrows correction, massage with herbed oil, warm pads, mask, and balancing care.

Approx. 1 hour Euro 38.00

“Pampering facial treatment” (02)

The application of regenerating agents obtained from plant extracts and a targeted massage are a real vitality boost for a spotless fresh look.
Services: see 01 + peeling, aroma fleece treatment with active agents, mask, vapor neck and décolleté ointment, massage with warm essential oils, special day care.

Approx. 70 min. Euro 46.00

“De Lux facial treatment” (03)

Regenerating agents of a special cosmetic line for the activation of the metabolism and a special massage for more tonicity and tightening of exigent skin.
Services: see 01 + special enzymatic peeling, treatment with active agents, special facial massage, vapor neck and décolleté ointment, eye mask, fan brush massage, final care with products from our pampering cosmetic line.

Approx. 1 hour Euro 56.00

Wellness for your hands

Aroma hand bath, manicure, hand peeling, mask, hot pads, hand massage
Euro 35,00

Wellness for your feet

Foot bath with essential oils, pedicure, peeling, foot ointment, aroma foot massage.
Euro 35.00


Euro 18,00

Manicure and nail polish

Euro 20,00


from Euro 15,00

Eyebrows correction

Euro 4,00

Eyebrows dyeing

Euro 6,00

Eyelashes dyeing

Euro 8,00

Upper lip depilation

Euro 6,00

Upper lip and chin depilation

Euro 10,00

Beauty – Day make-up

Euro 8,00

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