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Kellerwald – Edersee
National Park

World Natural Heritage

As a partner of the national park we are closely connected to the national park and its precious natural heritage. We see ourselves as embassadors of national natural landscapes. Quality, service and the use of regional produce as well as the economical use of natural resources are our top priority at the Belvedere.


The Kellerwald Nature Park and the Edersee National Park are our natural heritage! In any season, spring, summer, autumn or winter, there is plenty to explore and experience. The Hesse’s first national park, the Kellerwald-Edersee National Park, covers an area of 6,000 hectares and protects Central Europe’s largest biggest woodrush beech forest area. We gladly offer you tips for your next hiking tour in the region.


The Kellerwald-Edersee National Park, together with four other protected areas, has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site!


We are very proud at having received the highest distinction that can be achieved in nature conservation and regional development. This distinction is also an appreciation of the work of all who helped. This global appraisal, on par with the Grand Canyon or the Serengeti, underlines the high level of responsibility for European beech forests.


The Kellerwald forests embodies an outstanding example of a beech forest in a sub-mountainous areas on a location on acid soils.  Its uncut nature and maturity, the small jungle islands, its gnarled beech trees and crystal-clear springs make it so unique.

You can expect something unique

In addition to recreation and education, the National Park and the Nature Park aim at creating a certain awareness for the wilderness and for the future. Particularly impressive are hikes along the well sign-posted trails, such as the Edersee-Urwald-Steig path, or the Kellerwaldsteig path, which leads directly past the Hotel Belvedere.

Game Park

The Edersee game park is home to wildlife species from the local forests as well as species that used to inhabit our landscape, but no longer do so. Amidst the WildtierPark game park is the bird of prey station. There you can experience eagle owls, hawks, red kites, stone and imperial eagles close-up.


High Tech and nature can be experienced very close to each other in fascinating orchestrations in the Kellerwald national park centre. Surprising perspectives, exhibits that can be turned, pushed, moved or cranked as well as a unique 4D film of the senses take visitors into the wilderness and reveal many small secrets of the beech forests of the National Park.

Natural Gem
Edersee Lake

The lake is a 27km-long reservoir with picturesquely grown banks, many shallow bathing areas, beach baths and top swimming water quality. In spring you will find fresh green and flowering meadows. In the summer a paradise for surfers, sailors and swimming enthusiasts. A colourful deciduous forests awaits you in the autumn and some peaceful days in a winter landscape during the winter season.